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   Hi, my name is Kate and I live in Manchester in the UK. I am currently (frustratingly) living at home after completely depleting all my money at uni. I started to make some of that money back due to a job in a call centre. Call centre jobs are of course notoriously stressful and after six months I had to leave.
This was because I had begun to have quite extreme anxiety and panic attacks. At first I was naive enough to believe that this was due to my horribly stressful job, and I believed that all i needed was a couple of weeks away from that environment and the anxiety would just go away and I would be fine.
However, as I started seeing my therapist I realised that the anxiety had always been there, and the job had just brought it to the surface. I had always been on the edge of the cliff, the job had just pushed me over.
Now, thanks to my amazing therapist and my wonderful boyfriend, I am beginning to make huge changes in my life. And I don’t mean changes like cutting my hair, getting a new job, moving to a different city. I mean changes in the way I live my life from day to day, changes in the way I think. Changes I know will transform my life in the long run.
And, finally, I get to this blog. I realised that I had so many ideas stuck in my head, I needed to get them out onto paper and give my mind a break. I also want to let myself be creative – something I have always denied myself in the past. So, this blog is a huge part of my changing my life. This is why I chose the name Rebuild.  I feel like I’m rebuilding my life from the bottom up and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. But what I know for certain that it will be better than the way it was before.
Thank you if you actually read through all of this, I didn’t realise it would become so long! I welcome any sort of comments and hope you all enjoy my blog.

P.S If you would like a less intense About Me then please look at Ten Things to Know About Me.

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14 thoughts on “The Blog

  1. i’m in Manchester too and this all sounds so similar. I am working as an insurance broker when always dreamed of being in Marketing but have now just got stuck. I have a great boyfriend but often find myself feeling anxious and my worst quality is that my mind will pla tricks on itself and lead me places and to conclusions that are so far fetched.. its nice o meet someone in a similar situation x

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, it’s always good to know people are going through similar things. My head is exactly the same – always jumping to the worst conclusion in about a second!


  2. Hi Kate … Welcome, I write my blog for same reasons though I have no boyfriend, am middle aged and still don’t know what I what to do with my life! I am also in the process of reinventing me & probably will still be doing this until I’m old and grey! … All the best!

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  3. Good for you, the world needs more people to learn how to be honest with themselves amd the world around them. It does get better, it does matter, and (pardon my lyrical nature) the phoenix does rise.

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