People Who Inspire Me: Bunny Meyer


Bunny (aka grav3yardgirl) is a Youtuber in the US. She does videos on a variety of different things, the most popular being “Does this thing really work?”, a series where she tests out “as seen on TV” items. She has over 5 million subscribers and a loyal following she calls her “swamp family”.


I love Bunny because every time I watch one of her videos, it makes me want to get moving and start writing. She is spending her life being creative and doing something she loves. I wish I could emulate her work ethic – she posts 5 videos a week, and it is clear that she is doing something she loves and is passionate about. She ends each video with “I’ll see you guys tomorrow”, knowing that her army of loyal fans look forward to and depend on the regularity of her videos.

There is obviously a lot of trust between her and her fans; although in some videos she has a full face of make up, more often than not she wears none at all. This is one of the reasons why I, and so many others, relate to her – she is always real, unpolished and personal; making self-deprecating jokes and letting her fans know she is just like them. Reading through her comments on her videos shows how many people see her as a friend, someone who makes them feel less alone.

Screenshot_2015-06-11-15-37-24 [49078]

Her quality that touches me personally the most is her openness about her anxiety – she talks about it easily and without shame. In one of her videos she tested an “instant plastic surgery” device that involved her putting on a mask that shone lasers onto her face, which scared her. She went off camera, returning to tell her viewers that she had had a panic attack and had needed to talk to her boyfriend to calm down. She could easily have edited this part out of but she didn’t. Instead she was honest with her fans – and making those with anxiety, like me, feel better for seeing someone they admire be so honest.

(Featured image from The Huffington Post)

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