365 Day Writing Challenge 8: Dreamcatcher

365 Day Writing Challenge

8. Dreamcatcher: Write something inspired by a recent dream you had.

Kevin stepped out of his room. And he was not happy. He had just been ripped from a deep sleep in a comfy, albeit slightly mildewy, bed. He stood in the doorway, hands on hips.

Rachel was stood there, in an odd dressing gown. He realised he had never seen her in her night clothes before – after all, why would he have? She was in a black silk dressing gown with an odd clasp keeping it together – the clasp was black plastic, with spikes all over it like tiny pyramids. She was chatting away merrily to a girl he had never seen before. The girl had red curly hair that framed her face. She was stood looking at Rachel, but she didn’t show any signs of having heard what she had said. She just stared blankly. But Rachel blathered on, unperturbed.

“What the hell is going on?”
They both turned to look at him then, Rachel finally stopping talking. The girl’s large eyes turned to him, and he suddenly felt self conscious. And incredibly aware that he still had his green face mask on. He pulled his thin white hotel dressing gown closer around himself. It was cold out here in the dark dank corridor. The stone “baroque architecture” the hotel manager had been so pleased to tell them about didn’t exactly make the place seem warm and cosy.
Well?” he said, deciding to plough on, face mask and all.

“Oh,” Rachel said, “I’m so sorry Kev, I just got so excited!”
“Oh jesus,” he thought, “she’s always bloody excited about something.”
“What?” he said, testily.
Rachel looked at the red-haired girl. Her expression seemed just as blank as ever to Kevin, but Rachel must have read something there for she nodded, grinning, and turned again to Kevin. She leaned forward conspiratorially. He grudgingly cocked his head towards her.
“There’s something,” she said, grinning and breathless, in this hotel. Something… haunted“.

To be continued!

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