365 Day Writing Challenge 9: Animals

365 Day Writing Challenge

9. Animals: Choose an animal. Write about it!

Dogs. I hate dogs. When I was a child, right up until I went to university, I was completely terrified of them. I’d cross the street if I saw one coming, even if it looked docile. I hated going round to people’s houses because I didn’t know if they had a dog or not. Ringing the bell and hearing barking from inside was the worst feeling in the world.
I don’t know how I got over my fear, but I did. I have friends who have dogs, and I’m alright with them (none of these dogs bark though, it’s the barking I can’t stand). I still don’t like them though.
But there is a problem. My boyfriend loves dogs. He’s a lot like a dog himself, always bounding about happily, getting easily distracted by things. He’s always wanted a dog. My cousin’s dog, Toby, is the most excitable thing ever. He goes crazy and barks whenever he sees someone new in the house. He was running around in circles but Max just looked at him, said, “Sit” calmly but firmly, and Toby actually sat. I thought oh Jesus, my boyfriend’s the dog whisperer. On the way home he was talking about how much he loved Toby, and I said, “But what about when he weed everywhere?” And Max said, “Oh that was cute! He did it because he was excited!” I realised then that he really must love dogs, if he found that cute. So I’ve been trying to bring myself round to the thought that I might get Max a dog one day, for a surprise. I even smile at dogs when I see them in the street sometimes. But every time one growls, or pulls at its lead, I think no. Never. Also, if you get a dog your whole life changes. Your house smells of dog. You have to walk them. You have to pick up their shit. But Max looks so happy when he sees them! Maybe I’ll bring myself round to it.

But ugh.

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