365 Day Writing Challenge 15: Eavesdropper

365 Day Writing Challenge

15. Eavesdropper: Create a poem, short story, or journal entry about a conversation you’ve overheard.

Ok, I could think of hardly any conversations that I’ve overheard, and the ones I have I couldn’t come up with any ideas for, so I just made something up.

“Overhawk is go!”
The little boy whispered, well, it was more of a stage whisper, into his friend’s ear. His friend looked at him, nodded solemnly, and they both carried on with what they were doing, as if nothing had happened. I was at a party, a friend of my own had just turned thirty. It was an affair for friends and family, and as such there was a numerous amount of children. Some were running about, giddy with the excitement of a new place and people, others stuck to their guardians, staring up at the adults glumly.

I tried to keep an eye on the “Overhawk” pair as the day went on. From watching them, it seemed that “Overhawk” mainly comprised of them looking knowingly at each other whenever they passed, and the occasional quick, whispered conversation like the one I had overheard. It was clear however that they both took it, whatever it was, very seriously.

I couldn’t help but think of the pair on the drive home. I thought of how to them, that party wasn’t a party at all, but an operation. They were undertaking important work. They had transformed a standard Saturday into something completely different, their own little world. I found I envied them a little bit. I had often done it myself as a kid, lost for hours in a world of my own construction. Of course I still daydreamed now, but it wasn’t the same. They mostly fell into the realms of a better job or great sex. I hadn’t let myself go, truly, into the world of imagination for such a long time. But adults must be able to do it, right? Artists, writers, actors. Living in their own worlds. Maybe it’s not too late for me. I hope not.

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