365 Day Writing Challenge 30: Shopping

365 Day Writing Challenge

30. Shopping: Write about your shopping wishlist and how you like to spend money.

I’ve just got a full time job with better pay so this is something that has definitely been on my mind lately! Normally I am the worst scrooge about money, but recently I’ve grown a lot more relaxed about it. Number one on my wishlist is moving in with my boyfriend. We’re also going to Athens next month for our anniversary and Glastonbury the month after that, so I need to save up for spending money!

But all that aside, what do I want to buy…

And then more bookshelves because I don’t have enough room for all the books I want.
See if this was my boyfriend writing this then this list would be a mile long. But I don’t really have a list of stuff I really want to buy. My wishlists all include things I want to do. I’d rather spend loads of money on an experience like a gig than on stuff. So if I had all the money in the world, what would I spend it on?

1. A house in the city to live with my boyfriend
2. Quit my job and write all day
3. Also buy a house somewhere warm in the country where I can swim and cycle
4. Speaking of cycling, following the tour de France around for the whole 3 weeks
5. I’d pay someone to do my hair and make up for me because I like to look nice but I can’t be arsed doing it perfectly
6. I’d get a personal shopper for the same reason
7. I’d go and see Vampire Weekend
8. I’d see Rupaul’s Drag Race on tour
9. I’d see Van Morrison
10. I’d go to India, China, Japan, Australia and do a classical tour of Greece
11. I’d go sky diving and bungee jumping.
12. I’d read all the books I possibly could.

This list is of course by no means exhaustive, just a snapshot of the kind of life I’d like to have 🙂


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