365 Day Writing Challenge 34: Sounds

365 Day Writing Challenge

34. Sounds: Sit outside for about an hour. Write down the sounds you hear.

It’s too cold here to sit outside for an hour so I noted down the sounds I heard for an hour on the tram instead.

A girl with an annoying Southern accent is talking incessantly. Her friend – well, the girl that she’s with – seems to be regretting whatever outing it is that they’ve planned together. The girl’s accent feels like someone chewing in my ear. “Oh my boyfriend is so racist,” she trills. “I had a right go at him for it the other night. They have the best cocktails over there. The Alchemist. They have really good cocktails” all in the same breath. Her friend says nothing. I have fun imagining her falling into further and further depths of despair as she regrets not only them being on this tram but their entire acquaintanceship (she’s not even calling it a friendship any more). When they get off the tram I watch them go, wondering at what time she will make an excuse and go.

I feel sorry for the girl’s friend, because I know what it feels like to be stuck with someone you realise you don’t really want to be friends with and you can’t wait to slink away. Though I suppose I should feel sorry for the other girl, so unaware of how badly her attempt of connecting with someone was going.



















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