365 Day Writing Challenge 35: War and Peace

365 Day Writing Challenge

35. War and Peace: Write about a recent conflict.

Funnily enough I was planning on writing a blog post on this anyway.
As part of my job I answer customer queries over email for a shoe website. This girl emailed me saying she was SO disappointed in our service because the shoes were NOT what she wanted and NOT how they looked on the website. And after she’d told her YouTube followers about us as well! (We looked everywhere for her YouTube and couldn’t find one, so that was bogus).

So I asked her what was wrong with the shoes. She said they were glittery and nowhere did it state on the website that they had glitter in them. I copied and pasted where it said it on the website and sent her a link to the page. She said, hilariously, “Well I can see that it does say that. However there are other faults that I will send you a picture of when I get home”. I waited with bated breath. Then she sent me a photo of a perfectly normal pair of trainers. She claimed that the right shoe was less glittery than the left and that the right shoe had “splodges” on it. I’ll spare you the boring back and forth that started after this, but the gist of it was that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the shoes, something she pretty much admitted more than once.

I told her she was getting a refund. She said she didn’t want a refund, she wanted an exchange. I was all ready to go in, guns blazing, and tell her she couldn’t have an exchange either, when Em, the girl who is training me at work, said that I should just give in. The shoes cost us around 6 pounds to make and she’s obviously not going to give up so you may as well just send them out to her, it’s not worth it”.

“But”‘ I said, “it’s not fair that she gets a free pair of shoes”. Em shrugged and said, “Well you can be firm with her if you want”. This was on Friday towards the end of the day. I said I’d think about it. On Saturday I spoke to my boyfriend about it. I even got so frustrated that I cried – I was just sick of working in customer service and having to say yes to people who did not deserve to be said yes to, and this girl was so blatantly just trying to get a free pair of shoes because she didn’t like the ones she had, and who was so stubbornly lying to me, who kept talking to me in an infuriatingly lofty, lawyerly way, who kept quoting the website of the company that I fricking work for, as if she was in the right when we both knew that she wasn’t.

But my boyfriend calmed me down (if you follow this blog this won’t surprise you). He said I could carry on arguing with her, but if she asked to talk to a manager I would put her through to Em who would just send her the shoes anyway. And he also said that we were still a small company, and sending a pair of shoes to someone who might recommend us to 2 more people was more important than saving ourselves money on a pair of shoes that cost us £6 to make. “But there’s my PRIDE”, I argued. “You have to let that go”. Ugh.

I sent her the shoes. Max was right. It wasn’t worth it.

Well I say I sent them. They weren’t in the warehouse today but they should be coming back in soon. I’m not in any rush though. She can wait.

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