365 Day Writing Challenge 37: Puzzle

365 Day Writing Challenge

37. Puzzle: Write about putting together the pieces of puzzles.

I decided to rewrite the scene in the Snow Queen where Kay has to rearrange pieces of ice to spell out the word “eternity”. I always loved this story when I was young (even though it scared me) and this scene really stuck in my head. I hope you enjoy it!

Can you make ice into art?
Can you make shards of glass
(No ice, ice)
Into beauty?

Into eternity?
But I have had eternity
And I want
No more of it

No more,
No more

Cold is all I know
All she is
All she wants
(I am what she wants)
But why?
I am small and plain and insignificant and

I miss her.

She has golden hair and red cheeks and
No that’s not right
Cold white skin and ice blue eyes and silver, silver everywhere, in my eyes and ears…

She sits on the roof and smiles, smiles

I am dreaming.
There is only ice, only her.
There is nothing else.

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