365 Day Writing Challenge 45: Mirror, Mirror


45. Mirror, Mirror: What if your mirror started talking to you?

I’m tired of vanity. I have seen too many people paint their faces, day in and day out, seen too many people obsess over their hair and their eyes and their lips. If only they knew how fleeting life is, how it feels to have sat, old and creaking, in front of these young faces, spending hours of their lives on a surface, simply a surface. I wish I could tell them how I wish I could leave this hulking body and run, just to feel running, and breathe, just to feel breathing. I wish I could tell them how I crave to feel air enter my lungs, and to feel my whole body expand. All they value is looking over being. All I can do is look. I wish I could be.

I recently started a job working for a fashion website and I’ve never been so overwhelmed by people being concerned only with appearance and surface. I enjoyed writing this and getting some of this out 🙂

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