Fantasy vs Reality


I just want something to happen.

Either the hot rush of tears

or the shock of a phone call

or the sharp pain of betrayal –


other than this muffled heaviness over my mind,

than the knowledge that emotion is just beyond my grasp,

shrouded in cotton wool,

And I want to feel it, I truly do,

I want the fuzzy picture to become clear,

I want to pierce through,

to bring tension to slack muscles,

to feel the cold of reality,

rather than the air-conditioned warmth of fantasy.

(Featured image from inframe)

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“The Seafarer”


“It is thus if there is any rule, that we ought to die – neither as victim nor as fanatic, but as the seafarer who can greet with an equal eye the deep that he is entering, and the shore that he must leave”.

E.M Forster, Howards End (1910).