365 Day Writing Challenge 38: Fire-starters

365 Day Writing Challenge

38. Fire-starters: Write about building a fire.

I honestly can’t decide if this one is good or shit, let me know what you think!

He had decided to build something with words.

He propped his words together in a pyramid, and walked around them, frowning, examining them, moving them slightly –

One fell, and the rest tumbled with it.

He too fell to the ground, head in his hands, a silent scream of frustration.

After a while he got up again, and slowly, slowly began placing them back together, more carefully this time, placing them over so gently in the pyramid –

This time when they fell he did not move for a very long time.

But, a hair, a leg twitched, and he was up again, walking away from his words in a tumble on the floor.

He returned with an axe, its blade glinting with hunger.

He chopped at the words, he chopped and there was no sound except the axe’s swish through the air.

He let all of his anger and fear and despair fall through his axe and into the words.

He lay in the grass, exhausted.

Time passed.

He awoke to a strange sound, a crackling, spitting sound.

He turned and saw a strange light flickering amongst the trees.

His words, broken and messy and hurt as they were, had become a fire, and it’s red flame soared higher and higher into the night.