365 Day Writing Challenge 51: Sunrise/Sunset

365 Day Writing Challenge

51: Sunrise/Sunset: It goes round and round.
The sun rises and the sun sets.
No matter what you do, the world will carry on without you.

But that doesn’t mean that you don’t matter.

The Earth is like an old man, walking the same path he has walked many times before. You are a small thing to him, even smaller to the galaxy, the universe.

But you are still important. The more you do, the more you create, the more you give, the more alive you are, more human.

We may be small in the eyes of the universe, but we can be giants in our own eyes.


365 Day Writing Challenge 44: Insult

365 Day Writing Challenge

44. Insult: Write about being insulted.

The worst part is when you can feel your face going red, and you’re begging internally for it to go away, for it to cool down, but the burning just continues to grow and grow. You try to screw yourself up into a tiny ball, so that no one can see you, to stare at your screen and revert into yourself. But it’s no good, all the laughter keeps hitting you like a hundred baseballs, small and hard.

I’ve been trying hard to be more positive, to hate people less, but this makes me feel like I was right to begin with, that I should retreat back into my castle and bring up the drawbridge.

Brain Status


Argument: Life is short. You have to do everything you can, snatch every opportunity, write, go out, go to poetry events, make every second count.

Counter-argument: Part of my anxiety is not being able to relax, thinking that everything I do is not good enough and I need to do everything, and I need to do it now. I’m doing really well at the moment being easy on myself and relaxing more so shut up.

Five minute later

Argument: Life is short, you have to do everything you can…

This is the status of my brain at the moment.