For a Friend


You were never just a wheelchair.

I promise you that.

I know that’s how people saw you,

and you were so scared it might be true.

But it wasn’t.

I wonder how it must have felt,

your huge mind,

trapped inside a dysfunctional body.

Your thoughts an itch you just had to scratch,

driving you mad,

desperate and clawing.

You tried to purge them with drink,

but instead you murdered your memories,

caught in your own trap.

And still they plagued you,

swarmed you,

reminding you

that you were in the wrong life,

the wrong body.

But you weren’t wrong.

Not to me.

You were more than just a wheelchair.

You were more than just an email

saying that oh by the way you’d died.

You were my friend.

(Featured image from BarnImages)

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